Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Pat

Today is the love of my life's birthday. We have been together celebrating this day since 1970. I am a little bit sad because I am in NY today spending time with my father, I think that there was only one other time that Pat and I were not with each other on his birthday. That was in 1995 when he was working in Fayetteville and I was in Ny with the girls. I have promised that we will do something special on Monday the 27th when I get home. I love you and miss you today, Linda

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Our new rental house

This is the new house. I have been talking about doing a blog for a while, so here is part one. I have some pictures of the work that we have done so far. Notice the front door, that is gone now. We will be installing a glass storm door next week. The new windows are installed in this picture. We have cleaned the kitchen and painted the bedrooms, kitchen and have the primer on the living room walls, hopefully that will be finished tomorrow. We have steam cleaned the carpet in the living room. Installed an electric stove. The biggest job that Pat has done is re-finished the hardwood floors in the bedrooms. We have one week to do as much as we can to have it ready for the tenant to move in on May 1. I will put more pictures on next week.
Pat has really worked hard, I am just not physically able to do too much.

Green Bedroom, this is the bedroom closet, each bedroom has a closet like this. Two of the bedrooms in our house have exactly the same closet. There are two drawers that go under the closet. The top of the closet is great for storage.

We pulled up the carpet in the bedrooms. The floor in the first bedroom was beautiful the second and third bedrooms were terrible, the carpet pad had stuck to the floor. Would we be able to make it look good or would we just cover it back up with another carpet. You decide:


This is the Beige Bedroom, the old carpet pad stuck to this floor too, will it look okay ? Just scroll down and take a look.



Leilani helped

Becky helped

Our new replacement windows

I always loved the roses that grew by the front door, now they are in bloom and this year they are mine !

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Matt

Sunday is my son in law, Matt's, birthday. We celebrated his birthday last Sunday because he was not going to be home this Sunday for us to celebrate on the real day. Matt is Sarah's husband and the proud father of Henry and Zoe. Matt takes wonderful care of the children during the week while Sarah is at work, he also works in the evening and weekends at the GAP. He is the music / worship leader at their church and also plays bass guitar in a Contemporary Christian band. Happy Birthday Matt ! we pray that you have a great day !!

This is a picture of Matt as he relaxed during our annual BBQ cookoff last summer. (He does do a pretty good job at BBQ !)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Zach

Today is our oldest grandson Zach's birthday. Happy Birthday !! I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said $$$$$ to buy a new phone. We have only known Zach for two years, we have enjoyed every minute of any time that we spend with him. He is a good big brother to Leilani and quite often helps Becky with her. It won't be long before he will want a new car for his birthday, and then before we know it he will be off to college and starting a life on his own.

We love you Zach and are proud to have you in our family.

This isn't the best picture of Zach, but it is the most recent one that I have. It is from Easter.

Happy Birthday !!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt

Get Ready,

Get set, GO !!!!

Everyone had a great time searching for eggs in our backyard. Even Doodle and Peaches, after "the Bunny" hid the eggs she kept on finding them in the middle of the back yard and even on the living room rug. Doodle only looked for the real eggs, he did not care about the palstic candy filled ones. All in all the kids were all happy with their treasures, we had almost 175 plastic and colored eggs in the yard. We told Zach and Jalen to stop when they found 25 each, they found them so fast, this gave each of the little ones a chance.

Charlie looked....

Eating the bounty.....

Zoe watched and is going to be ready to look for eggs next year.

We all had a good time, we are so blessed to have all of our daughters and their families live near. The "cousins" all have a great time together and they are disappointed whenever they come to our house and all of the cousins are not there to play. On Saturday Becky took Leilani to their church for an egg hunt, one of Leilani's first questions was "is Clara and Lindy going to be there?" she was so sad when they were not there.

Thank you, Sarah, Kelly, Katie and Becky for all of the food that you brought, but most of all thank you for coming, you made and old man and old woman happy. We love you all too much !

Happy Easter, everyone, He is Risen !!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Eggs

Tomorrow is Easter, Pat and I will hide eggs in our backyard for the grandchildren. It is so funny what you do when you are a grandparent. When the girls were little, we never did anything for Easter that had anything to do with bunnies or eggs. We wanted the girls to all understand the reason we celebrate Easter. I still want the grandchildren to understand the meaning of Easter, but hiding a few eggs in the backyard can't hurt. right? I have a lot of plastic eggs with candy in them, I also have 3 dozen hard boiled eggs that Clara and Lindy colored on Friday, Hopefully I will have some pictures tomorrow of the hunt. Here is Lindy with her favorite egg:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary Sarah and Matt

Today is my oldest Daughter Sarah and her husband Matt's Anniversary. They were married five years ago. Happy Anniversary, I love you !!