Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 random things about me from facebook

Okay, I had two friends on facebook tag me in this post. It took me so long to come up with 25 things that I thought I would share them on my blog.

1. I am a Christian, gave my life to Christ in 1977, I was pregnant for Sarah when I got baptized.
2. I married my High School sweetheart, Nov 20, 1971.
3. My maternal grandmother's maiden name is Cashdollar, one of her brothers was NY State treasurer, he is mentioned in Ripley's Believe or Not.
4. Family tradition says that my paternal great grandfather was the Illegitimate son of the Prince of England, he and his mother (the maid) were sent to the U S and given the last name of Hyde. When he died his body was taken back to England and burried with royalty.
5. 50 of my facebook friends were kids that I worked with in Church activities.
6. 10 of my facebook friends were in a Girl Scout Troop that I led.
7. I have changed diapers on at least 12 of my facebook friends.
8. My first real job was working behind a candy counter in Grants Department store.
9. I learned how to drive in a 1968 Mercury Cougar.
10. I LOVE SNOW ! AND it is one of the things that I miss most from NY.
11. I went to three different High Schools.
12. I took Horse back riding lessons in High School and won two ribbons in competition.
13. I have sold Tupperware, Herbalife, Melaluca and most recently I sell Avon.
14. I had two girls from Viet Nam live with me and helped them learn how to speak English, (they are both very beautiful and successful young ladies now)
15. I was Deputy Town Clerk and Tax Collector in Shandaken NY.
16. I wish I had more time to knit, crochet, sew or scrapbook.
17. My Favorite things to watch on TV is Reality shows, the season is just getting going, American Idol,Survivor (2/12, Amazing Race (2/15).
18. Pat and I went to Hawaii 3 years in a row for our anniversary, 2004, 2005, 2006.
19. Neither Pat or I went to college, but all four of our daughters did.
20. My favorite jewelry is Silver and Turquoise.
21. I am the oldest of 3 children.
22 .I am the only one that has children.
23. I prefer dark chocolate.
24. I just started a blog, and I am not too good at it.
25. I have the cutest and smartest grandchildren in the world!

hope you enjoyed it.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Off to a poor start

Well, I am not doing too good with a daily blog, am I ? I could make up a lot of excuses, but really it does not take long to write something. I think that I have a hard time deciding what to write about. Well, it is Friday 12:20 am. TGIF ! Thursday night Pat and I went to Spartanburg to pick up Leilani, we met Becky and Jalen at Boston Pizza for dinner, then came home. Becky needed someone to watch Leilani in the afternoon so we volunteered to come get her, and Friday I will take her to Kelly in the morning to play with Lindy, Katie will get her in the afternoon. We will probably invite Henry over to play when I get home from work. Leilani loves her cousins (and Aunts).

Sunday is the last day to order Girl Scout Cookies, Clara sold over 200 boxes ! Her Daisy troop did well. They will earn extra money to help pay for their activities. I have completed my second Avon order. I made the Christmas Club payment all by myself today, without any help from the bank. I have been learning 3 new computer programs: Girl Scout Cookie sales, AVON website, and First Piedmont Christmas Club ACH deposits. I'm too old for all of this at the same time.
Speaking of being old, here is a picture of the necklace that Pat gave me for my birthday in December. I love it.

Well I am off to bed now, I will be thinking of some good blogs to post. Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I saw a video on The O'reilly Factor tonight that I thought was great. I decided to share it here. I have to figure out how to put the video on my Blog. If you click on the link it will take you to the website with the video.
Leave me a comment with what you think of it.

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Compassion International

When Pat went to Promise Keepers in California in 2007 God led him to adopt a little girl from Compassion International. Her name is Monique, she lives in Africa in a country called Burkino Faso. She writes letters to us quite often and she has sent us photos of her and her family. I am not a good letter writer, I am trying to get caught up and send her a lot of letters in the next few weeks.

This picture is the most recent one that I have received. It shows what she did with the birthday money that we sent her. She bought fabric to make a dress, bought new shoes and bought rice and beans and soap for her family.

This is her family, Notice the little girl with the black shirt on, she is using a shirt as a skirt, you can see the sleeve on her hip. I don't know if her siblings have sponsors or not.

They appear to be poor, Pat and I pray that we are able to make a difference in her and her families life. Compassion International makes sure that the children learn about Jesus, we hope to see her in heaven some day.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It really snowed in Northville, NY

This is my Dad's driveway. Can you see his mailbox in the snowbank? Now that's a snowstorm !!!


Why do we keep magazines? Last night I was doing some work in my room commonly known as My Shed, I made a pile of all of my most recent magazines.

When I receive a new magazine in the mail I do the following: First I flip through and remove all of the postcards that are loose between the pages, then I start at the back page and work my way forward. When I see a recipe or article that looks interesting I fold over the page. When I get to the front cover I set it down, and most likely never pick it back up. I might share the points of interest with a daughter or friend, but most likely I will never make the recipe that looked so good.

Sarah suggested that I rip those recipes out of the magazine and save them, then throw the magazine away. Great idea, but I already have a drawer full of ripped out recipes that I have never tried. I am going to try to use these recipes in 2009, I will write about them and share my favorites. Does anyone want some magazines?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It snowed !!!!!

What a wonderful thing, to look out my window this morning and see snow ! I miss the snow so much, I know if it snowed for months and months I would not be happy about it. In Gaffney we usually get at least one small snowstorm each winter and for me that is wonderful.
When I was a teenager and living in California I misssed the snow too. I remember taking a day trip with my parents to go to "the snow". When I saw snow I actually cried ! well I did not cry this mornig but as we say: It made my tummy happy.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Knee Injury

Well, as some of you know I fell at work last Friday and hurt my left knee. Doctor's order's were to stay off of my feet, ice on the knee and do not return to work until the orthopedic Dr. said that I could. This past Saturday I had agreed to help a friend with her daughters wedding reception, I was suppose to cater the food and keep the buffet full. Well how do you do that when you have Dr.'s order to stay off of your feet? You call your four daughters to help, so that is what I did !
All four of my GREAT daughters came to my house on Saturday morning, we made chicken salad sandwiches, fruit for the chocolate fountain, sandwich spirals, pigs in a blanket, shrimp platters as well as receive items from other good cooks at our church. Lori's pimento cheese, and Danette's bread and dip. Then they delivered the food to the reception hall, and set up the table, made coffee, punch, and melted cheese for fondue. Two of my son in laws also helped. I am very Blessed to have such great girls. I guess the next time I get asked to do something like this I better check their schedule first before I agree to do it.

I went to the orthopedic today and he said that my knee is fine, I probably just broke off some bone spurs, I should be back to normal soon. I go back to visit him in 3 weeks and then he should release me. So I could have done more on Saturday than I did, but you know what? I got to hug and kiss on all of the grandkids while their Moms (and Aunt) were busy helping me.

Thank you Katie, Kelly, Becky, Sarah, Will and Andrew for coming to my rescue ! I love you all very much !!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pictures from the past

Junior Prom 1970
Senior Ball 1971