Thursday, July 30, 2009

What on earth is an Aebleskiver ?

A few months ago Pat was watching a new show on the Food Network, The greatest thing I ever ate. On this show a variety of the chefs that appear on Food Network are asked what their favorite food items are, and then we get to see the food and at what restaurant you get the best of the item. On the show that Pat watched the one chef (we don't even know which one it was) said that his favorite thing was an Aebleskiver. Well, he must of made it look so good because Pat immediately got on ebaby and looked for an aebleskiver pan so he could make some.

While waiting for his pan to arrive he went to the aebleskiver website and watched a video of a Swedish Chef (not the one from Sesame St.) preparing the aebleskivers. Aebleskivers are pancakes that are shaped like a ball, you can put pieces of fruit inside of them. They are delicous they remind me of donut holes. I took some pictures of Pat making them the first time, my camera was on the wrong setting the pictures are very yellow:

We have made them again since this first batch, and they came out a little bit better.

Now you know what an AEBLESKIVER is !

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Finally a new blog

Pat and I have a little Girl through Compassion International, I have written a blog about her before. Her name is Monique, she lives in Burkino Faso, Africa. At Christmas time we decided to Bless her family with a financial gift. Compassion International takes the money and uses it to buy items for the family. Recently we received a picture of Monique and her family with the items that were purchased for them. They got a piece of sheet metal and rafters to repair the roof over their Kitchen, also corn, rice, spaghetti, oil, sugar, milk, cookies, soap, a dress and shoes for Monique and her mother is holding Fabric than can be made into a dress. This is the first picture we have ever gotten that Monique is smiling. August 27 is Moniques birthday whe will be 12 years old. She asks us to pray for her father he has breathing problems.
Pat and I receive such a blessing knowing that we are making a difference in this families life. We pray that they know that Jesus loves them and has picked them especially to be ministered to through Compassion International.

If anyone wants to ask us about sponsoring a child please ask, It is $32.00 a month, a little more than $1.00 a day. We feel it is a good investment. We hope to sponsor more children in the future.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

Well Fourth of July has come and gone for 2009, here is a quick look at how we spent the day. As is the tradition we grilled a lot of meat. For the first time we did not have a grilling competion everyone brought their favorite meat to grill. We had chicken, steak, shishkabobs and of course hamburgers and hot dogs. Also lots of salads and desserts. One special dessert was a birthday cake for Clara, we celebrated her 6th birthday this year.

Filling water balloons

playing corn hole

Checking out the Wi Fi in the backyard

Charlie loved the s'mores
Happy Birthday Clara

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Clara

Today is my first grand daughter's birthday. Clara was born in 2003, she came a few weeks early, as a matter of fact I was in California visiting the giant redwoods on the day she was born. Because we did not have cell phone service where we were we did not even know that she had arrived until after she was born. We always have a family get together on the Fourth of July, to celebrate Clara's birthday and Independance day. I will be decorating a special cake for Clara, this year she wants a cake with Strawberry Shortcake on it, I will post a picture in a little while. I am hoping I do a good job. Happy Birthday Clara 6 years old today !!!

She is one years old in this beach picture.

I am having techinical difficulties loading more pictures, I may continue this post later.