Saturday, February 20, 2010

What is going on with me

I am so ashamed of how long it has been since I wrote a BLOG. The last blog was about our shoeboxes, that was in November, It is now February 20. Let's start with Pat and my anniversary, 11/20 was our 38 year anniversary, WOW !

Next, our family all got together at our house for our traditional Thanksgiving meal on Sunday before Thanksgiving. The food was great, everyone contributed.

On December 2 Pat and I flew to California for the weekend to visit his family. We had a great time, we spent some quality time with everyone. It was bittersweet because we know that is unlikely we will ever get to see his parents again.

December 10, we welcomed our newest granddaughter into the world, Kelly gave birth to Elise Kelly Hawkins, she is so precious !

December 18 I turned 56. Christmas afternoon everyone showed up at the house for snacks, games and presents. We did miss Zach and Jalen that day they were with their mom. Everyone brought a snack to eat. We exchanged gifts and started a new tradition (we hope) of the Christmas raffle. Pat had been buying things at Goodwill that he knew the girls would like. they all took turns picking something from the box. We also played Dirty Santa, this was when we really missed Zach and Jalen because they love the game so much.

On the 29th Kelly turned 30, Andrew turned 29 on the 30th .

Happy New year eve 2010, we spent a quiet night at home. Most recently Sarah turned 32 on the 10th of February, we all went out for dinner at House of Pizza.

The biggest thing going on with me is that I have been having trouble with my hip. After many Dr. visits and tests we have realized that I need to have a hip replacement, so on Tuesday the 23rd of February I will be having surgery. Since the trip to California I have become very handicapped and Pat has been doing a lot of things that I usually do. He has done all grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning. I am looking forward to being able to take on my responsibilities again. I hope to blog a little while I am in the hospital.

Thanks for reading and keep me in your prayers...
One last picture, we have had some snow this winter, Papa and Leilani built a snowman.
I would have had more pictures but for some reason I can't get all of the ones that I want to put on to copy and paste, so the blog only has a few.
Love you all