Friday, September 11, 2009

Remember 9 / 11

Eight years ago, I was at work listening to the radio. The announcer made a comment about a plane flying into the World Trade Center, at first I thought it was a little sightseeing type plane. As more information came over the airwaves it was apparent that it was a large plane, but why did it hit the tower? Then a few minutes later another plane hit the other tower, then later a plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, then a plane crashed into the pentagon. What was happening? and where or what would be hit next? I remember being so aggravated when I heard of the first plane and I could not get Pat off of the phone, he was on a conference call with the owners of our company.

We saw our country go to a new patriotic high, being in the American flag industry, we saw a huge increase in flag sales, everyone wanted to show their patriotism. Glenn Beck has a project called 9 12 project, he wants everyone to remember how they felt on 9/12/01. If we all remembered how we felt that day America might be a better place. I love my country, but I am afraid for the road we are going down.

Pray for our country, May God Bless America !

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pirate party

I forgot to post these earlier in the week like I promised. The party was a lot of fun and the kids had a great time on their treasure hunt. They are all dressed up in their pirate costume and ready to search for the treasure.
I wonder what we will do next year to top this party?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Henry !!!

Happy Birthday Henry !!!

Three years ago today our oldest Daughter gave birth to our first grandson.

Henry is the first boy to be born to our family. He has a special place in our heart.

We will be celebrating his birthday on Monday when the our family gets together for a picnic on Labor Day. Henry loves sharks and pirates, so we will be having a cake with pirates and sharks on it, (picture to follow on Monday), a treasure hunt and pirate food to eat.

Henry is a sweet boy and he is funny too. Sarah takes a lot of pictures of him, and does a great job making little videos, she has a great video on her blog if you would like to see it.

This is a picture of Pat and I holding Henry, 5 days old.

This picture is from Easter of this year.

New picture from Sarah's Alphabet Book.

Love You, Happy Birthday Henry !!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Our Weekend in Edisto

This is where we stayed this time, This part of the resort is called the village. We were on the second floor unit.We had to climb two flights of stairs, I got my exercise in!
We shopped at the only grocery in town, "the Pig"

We cooked someting new, Blintzes, they were absolutely delicous, I will write another Blog about them later.

We went for a ride to Botiny Bay Plantation, drove down this dirt road lined with live oaks and spanish moss.

We went to the beach, we found a few shells (LOL)

We saw a few squadrons of Pelicans fly overhead, there was 19 in this group.

Watched the sunset, and looked for Dolphins.

Another sunset, just beautiful !!!!

The happy couple after a few days of rest and relaxation!!

We had a great time. We just hung out by the pool and the beach, drove around a little, discovered a few new things. Tried a couple of new restaurants, tried a new recipe.