Friday, September 11, 2009

Remember 9 / 11

Eight years ago, I was at work listening to the radio. The announcer made a comment about a plane flying into the World Trade Center, at first I thought it was a little sightseeing type plane. As more information came over the airwaves it was apparent that it was a large plane, but why did it hit the tower? Then a few minutes later another plane hit the other tower, then later a plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania, then a plane crashed into the pentagon. What was happening? and where or what would be hit next? I remember being so aggravated when I heard of the first plane and I could not get Pat off of the phone, he was on a conference call with the owners of our company.

We saw our country go to a new patriotic high, being in the American flag industry, we saw a huge increase in flag sales, everyone wanted to show their patriotism. Glenn Beck has a project called 9 12 project, he wants everyone to remember how they felt on 9/12/01. If we all remembered how we felt that day America might be a better place. I love my country, but I am afraid for the road we are going down.

Pray for our country, May God Bless America !

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