Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Henry is five

I always enjoy it when it is one of the grandchildren's birthdays. On September 5 Henry turned five. Quite often I make the birthday cakes for the family. On labor day weekend the family was all together and Henry asked me if I would make him a snake cake for his birthday. I wasn't sure how I was going to do it but of course I said yes !! He also requested spider cupcakes. The theme of his party this year was the twelve deadliest animals, I don't know where on the list the snake and spider are ranked but I gave it my best shot.

We celebrated his birthday on the tenth of September so I had a few days to study and come up with the best approach to the cake. My first thought was I need to get some black shoelace licorice for the spider's legs. I found a website that sold the licorice and many other nostalgic candies. I ordered the candy and I got it in time to make the cupcakes.

Back to the cake, I googled snake cake and got lots of pictures and directions to make a cake.
I started with two bundt cakes. Henry requested Strawberry cake, so when we cut the cake it would look like blood !!

I cut the Bundt cakes in half and formed this squiggly cake.
I bought several items to decorate the cake and cupcakes: Fruit roll up for the snake tongue, Chocolate marshmallow for the spider bodies, the licorice for the spider legs and red licorice just for fun. Mini chocolate chips for eyeballs, chocolate sprinkles and reese pieces (I didn't use them but they were great to snack on ! )

This is the color scheme that I went with Coral snake or Milk snake.

And here is the spider, isn't he cute ?

Here is a whole herd of spiders !!

The snake is looking to eat a spider ! Candles lit and we are ready to sing !

All the cousins waiting for Henry to open his presents.

It was a good day. Henry was very happy with his presents. Most of all we all had another great time of family fun.

Before we ate cake Sarah and Matt fed us Tacos. Yummy !