Saturday, May 29, 2010

Have you ever held a tiger?

Well here I go again apologizing for how long it has been since writing a blog post. I spend a lot of time on facebook and I keep in touch with so many friends and family that I forget about my blog that I started. I will try to do better.

Gaffney is getting a new store, Tractor Supply, it will open next week. Apparently Tractor Supply asked a little zoo to come and set up in the parking lot for the grand opening, someone got the dates wrong and the zoo came to town this week instead of next week. It was quite exciting to have camel rides and tigers, kangeroos, lemurs, monkeys, a python, leopard and goats, ponies, llamas and a calf right here in Gaffney. The most exciting thing was you could get your picture taken with a baby white tiger ! Now have you ever held a tiger? or even touched one ? It was an opportunity of a life time. We took Henry, Zoe and Leilani to get their picture taken with the baby tiger. It was 8 weeks old, I'm not sure how much longer they will be able to let it sit on kids laps for pictures. I am glad that we had an opportunity to let the kids do a once in a lifetime thing today.